For some reason, when I read John 7 today, I thought of all the comments you see at the end of news articles and controversial discussions online. It is especially apropos when considering political and public figures. Read it for yourself and you will see what I mean. Similar to the public forum of the internet, there are a great many people “having their say” about this guy, Jesus from Galilee, aren’t there? It’s worth considering which opinion category we might fall into. What comments might you make at the end of a news article about Jesus from Galilee?

Have you ever met a Pharisee? I have. Did you know you might be a closet Pharisee without even realizing it? I put these questions to you so that you will consider the rest of this discussion carefully. You see, Pharisees come in a wide variety of clothing. They are sneaky because they look like everybody else (other than those longer tassels). But they have a major defect of blindness to their own faults. And Jesus says this is a fatal error.