Passion empowers a person to go above and beyond the ordinary. A common phrase bandied about in many circles these days is; “Follow your passion.” I believe this usually means to explore your inner desires and pursue them with gusto. I would submit that this does not ultimately or truly lead to the contentment the phrase implies. Some people might be passionate about money or sports participation, and yet if something thwarts their direction they feel devastated – even purposeless. The Bible outlines a type of passion that is unrelenting and always meaningful, and rewarding – no matter our circumstances.

Life is not for the faint of heart. Although it is not a Bible word there is a certain RESILIENCE that is necessary to successfully meet the intrinsic challenges of life with a gracious and enduring spirit. The way the Bible describes it is “patient endurance,” “steadfastness”, “constancy” or “persevering to the end.” And that is what we are exhorted to do – To meet trials with smiles (figuratively, at least). Job is the paramount example of the struggle to do so.