If you could think of one intangible thing that you could give to another person as a lasting heritage, what would it be? Joy? Love? Patience? As I contemplated the ending verses of Numbers 6 today, I began to see the relevance of Peace as a lasting blessing. When we consider the condition of the world, our own nations, and perhaps even our own personal lives – wouldn’t a permanent dose of peace be a welcome commodity? I’d like to discuss the simplicity of using cross-references to explore Bible passages as we launch into this peaceful study.

Did you know that following rabbit trails is not always a bad thing? At least when it comes to Bible study. The negative connotation of this idiom is debunked when pursuing the myriad paths of exploring words, phrases and passages inspired by the mind of God. The wonder of God’s word is that every rabbit trail you traverse leads to treasure. And each one is intersected by others, to create a great interconnected web of wisdom, as the trails are investigated.