What is the source of evil in the world? What does the Bible give as answer this very real question? We have had a variety of discussions at the Bible Education Center recently about this topic. World news certainly gives us all reason to contemplate such a question. This is a pertinent exploration even for people who already think they have the answers figured out. God’s word is good at demolishing preconceived ideas when we really dig into it and let Him speak for Himself.

The chorus of one of my favorite children’s Bible songs we used to sing around the campfire in the summer is based on Jesus’ parable of the Man who held a Great Feast in Luke 14:16-24. It came to mind as I was thinking about the words of Hebrews 10:22-25. It carries some of the profound messages of this passage boiled down to simple truths sung by children. Music is good that way. So today, let’s explore these verses a little further, shall we?

When was the last time you remember looking intently at something? A person? A bug? A flower? A sunset? I recently discovered some skeletons of last year’s tomatillos in my garden, and delighted in examining them carefully. (Since, sadly, I didn’t eat many of them last summer, at least their growth has served an unexpected purpose) These tiny plant skeletons are fascinatingly beautiful. Marvelous, really. I have enjoyed looking intently at them over and over again.