“Regarding the resurrection”…those are Jesus’ words from Matthew 22 verse 31. He taught about resurrection. He taught clearly and succinctly about the pivotal importance of the resurrection of the dead to the faith of those who would be his disciples. Let’s use today’s readings to remind ourselves of this critical teaching which has its roots in the very essence of the Old Testament.

I am a pessimistic recycler. Yes, I try my best to recycle, reuse, and cut down on waste – but I do not think it will ultimately solve the world’s pollution problems for future generations. Even if everybody DOES recycle conscientiously (which I am also pessimistic about), I believe it is a losing battle. The fact is, that man has a long history of harming, robbing, even decimating the planet – and, sadly, old habits die hard.

The impact of Jesus’ death is impossible to over emphasize. He touched lives in real time – like the Centurion at the foot of the cross and the women who went to anoint his body. But he also touched lives hurtling through time and space right into your very own living room. It’s a remarkable thing. And embedded in this story of some of the details of those eventful days surrounding his crucifixion, we find a plethora of astonishing lessons. Today I’d like to look at the implications of just one of them. Let’s talk about rolling stones, shall we?