Genesis Fundamentals

Isn’t it exciting to push the restart button and start the Bible afresh in January? I love this aspect of the Robert Roberts reading plan. Back to Genesis. Back to the beginning. Back to basics.

And that is what keeps coming to my mind as we read these first several chapters in Genesis. All of the basic tenets of Christianity are easily discerned right from the get-go in this incredible book. Easily discerned- that is – if we take the time to truly listen to what the Master Storyteller is choosing to tell us in panoramic, sometimes almost unbelievable events that are meant for our instruction. And this discernment also implies concerted time, effort and energy applied to reading these stories. This is a big hurdle for many people to get past. Nevertheless, I hope you, like I, have resolved to make doing your daily Bible readings a given in 2017. And not only doing them, but doing them in a thoughtful, meditative way – like the man in Psalm 1 that thinks about God’s word day and night.

So shall we examine some of the marvelous lessons gleaned from early Genesis? The Bible is a unique book in that while we are reading the details, we must also take a birds’-eye view of the reasons these particular stores are selected for their particular lessons. Here is what I see, in a nutshell – perhaps you will chime in with things I have overlooked:

  • God is
  • God is all-powerful
  • God is the source of everything – especially life
  • God separates light & darkness
  • God plants & blesses
  • God gives man an exalted position with a free will and positive expectations
  • God created the serpent (I make special note of this because so many imply eternal evil being status to this creature. He was designed (perhaps as a test of man’s faithfulness) by God Himself and subject to the consequences of sin and death like all other created beings. Adam and Eve were accountable for their own desires and choices)
  • Woman is created as man’s helpmeet
  • Marriage is a blessing
  • Man failed
  • God forgives (with consequences) and provides a way of salvation (promising a savior who will truly crush sin)
  • 2 Lineages of people are outlined: Faithful & Unfaithful
  • Sin comes from within our hearts and must be mastered
  • Left to himself – man tends to corruption and wickedness
  • Only a few choose God’s ways
  • God judges and acts in righteous judgment
  • God saves again
  • God makes covenants with faithful people

There you have it. Genesis 1-12 in a nutshell.

Why is this important? Because Genesis lays a foundation for all of the further conclusions we are going to make in our religious studies. We have to start with this beginning if we are to arrive at proper assessments in what we accept as truth. It is vital that we understand Genesis fundamentals in order to ensure that the doctrines we embrace are truly aligned with the Word of God as we read on in this complex book.

Here is a list of some of the major doctrines I see embodied in this Genesis nutshell:

  • The Character of God
  • Human origins
  • The source of sin, evil & suffering
  • Why we act like we act…
  • And how to correct it
  • The need for a Savior
  • The Nature of Jesus
  • The Purpose of Marriage
  • The Meaning of Forgiveness
  • The Purpose of Judgment
  • What happens at Death
  • The Nature and Work of Angels
  • Hope

I think that you will agree that these are, indeed, critical spiritual concepts. And many people are confused or at a loss to have their questions answered on some of these topics. Genesis has answers. God’s word has answers. With those answers come assurance, trust and peace. Let us seek out the truth, unrelentingly. And then let us share the Good News with our neighbors. 2017 is a promising new year!

So let us know, let us press on to know the LORD. His going forth is as certain as the dawn; And He will come to us like the rain, Like the spring rain watering the earth.

Hosea 6:3